Setting up a Linux Laptop

Experiences of a Newbie!


The office suite is probably one of the most used pieces of software on any work laptop. There are several options available to Linux users including:

  • LibreOffice – installed by Mint Linux by default
  • Calligra Suite – contains 8 individual productivity apps
  • KDE Office – works best with KDE desktop environment
  • WPS Office – not open-source but has a free version with ads
  • Office 365 – web based – subscription required for advanced features
  • Google Docs – web based

My preference is LibreOffice because I find the interface easy to use and compatibility with MS Office is good.

The image header is LibreOffice Writer with the dark menu bar (Courtesy of Arc-Darker controls theme in Mint settings), Sifir Dark Icon style (LibreOffice Settings) and the “Modern” Design style in writer (Testing in LibreOffice 5.4.2).

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