Setting up a Linux Laptop

Experiences of a Newbie!


In the past I have always used FileMaker Pro for database design. Whilst full versions are available for MacOS and Windows and viewer versions for iOS, there is nothing available for Linux – unless of course you can get your database hosted on a web server.

There are numerous SQL powered solutions for Linux and LibreOffice also has its own database app, but none of these match FileMaker for ease of use or aesthetic quality.  Look to web based solutions however and things get better. There are of course pros and cons for hosting your data in the cloud, ownership and security being my main concern. However, not loosing data is also a priority and using a web based service does avoid the risk of loss due to local machine failure or theft.

The solution I like best is Airtable. With free access Airtable provides:

  • Unlimited databases (bases)
  • Up to 1600 records per table
  • 2GB Attachments per base
  • 2 weeks snapshots / revision
  • 2 step authentication
  • collaboration

Higher limits and additional features are available with a subscription.

If you also own a Mac / PC / iOS / Android device, there are Airtable apps available for these. Within Linux I access my Airtable bases using the web client optimised through  Webcatalog.

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