Setting up a Linux Laptop

Experiences of a Newbie!


One of the fun aspects of Linux is the freedom of configuration that results from it being open source software. Commercial vendors such as Microsoft and to an even greater extent Apple, have control over what you can or may not change about their default software offerings. Whereas MS Windows supports themes, if you do not like the icons or window layout in Mac OS or iOS, there is no way of changing them (outside of jailbreaking iOS). That is a shame as most users find tweaking their systems fun.

Linux can be customised significantly and the first step is to install an appropriate theme manager for your desktop environment. These managers are usually called Themes or Tweaks and can usually be installed via your software manager.

The next step is to locate and install some themes. These may be installed automatically for you or may need to be moved into the (normally hidden) .themes folder in your home directory. You can mix and match different parts of each theme:

  • Window borders
  • Window controls
  • icons
  • poiters
  • Desktop

Here are some screenshots of my favorite themes:

  • Mint Y
  • Paper
  • Arc


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It is important to remember thatyour theming may also affect the appearance of your applications and the results may not always be helpful


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Different themes and LibreOffice


With your new Themes installed you will probably want to add some complmentary wallpapers. These are some of my favourites.


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