Setting up a Linux Laptop

Experiences of a Newbie!


With so many Windows, Chrome and MacOS based laptops to choose from, why would you consider putting Linux on yours? Linux machines are certainly popular amongst programmers and IT professionals – watch Mr Robot to see why – but Linux is rapidly becoming a viable, cost effective and realistic alternative for the everyday user, in a market previously dominated by the likes of Apple and Microsoft.

Linux has some significant advantages as an operating system;

  • It is open-source software – not subject to the whims of large corporations
  • It has modest hardware requirements – it runs fast!
  • There are an enormous range of options and customizations
  • The software and applications are (almost all) free
  • Infection with malware and viruses is less likely
  • Running Linux is cool – seriously cool
  • Learning about and configuring Linux is a great learning experience and fun.