The issues of confidentiality and security have been the focus of considerable attention in recent months. It is increasingly evident that the convenience of implied artificial intelligence and a personalised internet experience requires the collection of vast amounts of personal data by companies providing such services. The degree to which our data is collected and stored is well in excess of what may be expected. In addition to this, it is quite possible and equally likely that without appropriate steps to prevent snooping, much of our messaging content may also be seen by others either casually, deliberately or under the guise of national security.

Protecting the privacy of your mail can be enhanced by taking three relatively simple steps:

  • Using a VPN service to connect to your network
  • End to end encryption of your messages by your mail client and service provider
  • Storing your data at a location where laws protect your rights to privacy

ProtonMail are a relatively new service provider based in Switzerland who meet these three criteria. They offer these facilities:

  • A tunnelled VPN network access service
  • Mail is stored securely on servers in Switzerland
  • Secure, encrypted contacts database
  • Web base mail
  • Apps for Android and IOS
  • Bridging software to encrypt and decrypt your mail locally for popular mail client software – this is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux (Beta).

For further information check out the ProtonMail website.