Up until recently  have been using Evolution as my default app for email,calendar and contacts. Evolution has proven to be reliable and fairly easy to set up to sync with my iCloud and Google accounts. The few minor things that bug me with evolution however are firstly; the calendar interface is a bit clunky – I like a clean flat look where possible, and also it is not possible (as far as I am aware) to get the tasks and notes to sync with any on-line resource – so for me they are a bit redundant.

As a result I have decided to go for separate apps for my personal information management and I have also been consolidating my on line presence with Google rather than iCloud. Having said that, I still need to access my iCloud emails and that is why I have selected Mailspring as my default desktop mail client.

I foundMailspring to be extremely easy to set up with automatically entered settings for both iCloud and GMail. (iCloud users with dual authentication must remember to set up an app specific id first).

Mailspring new account

Once configured, Mailspring provides a unified inbox as well as the usual folder access for each email service. There is also a neat inbox shortcut that can be added to the panel.


For those like me who like to theme, there are a selection of themes to choose from plus instructions detailing how to create your own. I particularly lie the Ubuntu theme.

Mailspring message

Mailspring is available as a free application or with a paid subscription. The free app includes:

  • Unified inbox
  • Signatures
  • Themes
  • Translation
  • Spellcheck
  • Occasional use of advanced features

The pro version, which currently costs $8 per month and helps to support further maintenance and development adds:

  • Company and Contact profiles
  • Read reciepts
  • Link tracking
  • Quick reply templates
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Snoozing
  • and more ……

I have coughed up for the Pro version mainly because I feel that it is important to support the development of such excellent software for the Linux platform.

Mailspring can be downloaded from here