Having tried out Ubuntu and decided to go back to LinuxMint I decided to give the Cinnamon 18.3 Beta a go. All of my documents are backed up via Dropbox so in a worst case scenario I can always restore easily.

The main installation was again uncomplicated and intially there was very little obviously different. The first change I noticed was that the latest version of Firefox is installed by default. I like the new version a lot.

The new Software Manager supports Flatpak applications. Once installed Flatpaks run in their own environment and in isolation. They do not impact the rest of the operating system. Thanks to Flatpak you can install the most current versions of applications even if their dependencies are not compatible with Linux Mint.

TimeshiftI am using the new Admin tool “Timeshift” which makes incremental backupd of the system files as well as the backup tool which is probably wise when running beta software. I bought myself a low profile USB3 stick which is permanently mounted and barely noticable, to store the backups.

There are numerous other changes to v18.3 that I have yet to explore but so far it has been a very happy and crash free experience.